of the 3-rd International Colloquium
Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics" (MENP-3)
October 7-9, 2004, Bucharest, ROMANIA

(The Mathematics Sections: Geometry, Dynamical
Systems, Optimization   &   Mathematical Statistics

Geometry Balkan Press 2005 * ISBN 973-8381-11-8
Editor in Chief:  Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor:  Vladimir Balan

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  1. Simona Babeti and Gheorghe Zet
    An algebraic computing program for studying cosmological models without singularities, pp. 1-11 [PDF]

  2. Ioan Bacalu
    Multidimensional residual spectral capacities, pp. 12-15 [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan, Panayiotis C. Stavrinos and Kostadin Trencevski
    Open questions and recent results in the theory of geometrized first-order jet bundles, pp. 16-22 [PDF]

  4. Nicola Barbalace and Letterio Giannetto
    Modelling of atmospheric pollutants in petrochemical refineries, pp. 23-31 [PDF]

  5. Mircea Bodnariu
    Functions of Markov chains, pp. 32-39 [PDF]

  6. Silvia Bontas
    An estimate of waiting times in the problem of covering the unit interval, pp. 40-50 [PDF]

  7. Nicoleta Brinzei
    On metrical linear connections with torsion in Riemannian Geometry, pp. 51-58 [PDF]

  8. Ilie Burdujan
    A universal enveloping algebra for a Lie triple system, pp. 59-71 [PDF]

  9. Carlo Cattani and Armando Ciancio
    On the Haar wavelet analysis of jumps, pp. 72-81 [PDF]

  10. Liana Cazacioc and Elena Corina Cipu
    Evaluation of the transition probabilities for daily precipitation time series using a Markov chain model, pp. 82-92 [PDF]

  11. Vicenzo Ciancio, Gaetano Di Marco and Francesco Farsaci
    On the determination of phenomenological coefficients for dielectric materials, pp. 93-104 [PDF]

  12. Mircea I. Cirnu
    Contributions to the mathematical theory of physical systems, pp. 105-114 [PDF]

  13. Tania-Luminita Costache and Mircea Olteanu
    An algorithm for computing the spectra of discrete time-invariant systems, pp. 115-119 [PDF]

  14. Mariana Craiu, Elena Corina Cipu and Laura Panzar
    Hazard based models and covariates, pp. 120-127 [PDF]

  15. Iulian Duca, Ana-Maria Teleman and Constantin Udriste
    Poisson-gradient dynamical systems with convex potential, pp. 128-136 [PDF]

  16. Dorel Fetcu
    Critical associated metrics on framed \varphi-manifolds, pp. 137-141 [PDF]

  17. Matilde P. Legua, Jose A. Morano and Luis M. Sanchez Ruiz
    Exact solutions in first-order differential equations with periodic inputs, pp. 142-148 [PDF]

  18. Alexandru Lupascu, Constantin Udriste and Cristian Ghiu
    New results on Ioffe-Stefanescu magnetic trap, pp. 149-159 [PDF]

  19. Dorin Marinescu and Cecil P. Grunfeld
    Tests of a convergent numerical scheme for nonlinear Boltzmann-like models with chemical reactions: two, three and four species, pp. 160-172 [PDF]

  20. Olga Martin
    An operational method for solving an integral differential equation, pp. 173-185 [PDF]

  21. Stefan Mititelu
    Efficiency and duality in multiobjective nonsmooth programming, pp. 186-194 [PDF]

  22. Ileana Rodica Nicola and Vladimir Balan
    Jacobi stability of dynamical systems with applications to biology, pp. 195-201 [PDF]

  23. Brandusa Nicolaescu
    The variational problem in Lagrange spaces endowed with (\alpha,\beta)-metrics, pp. 202-207 [PDF]

  24. Alina Olteanu and Octav Olteanu
    Algebraic functional equations solved by a geometrical general method, pp. 208-217 [PDF]

  25. Mircea Olteanu and Mihai Tanase
    A chaotic game and its associated fractal, pp. 218-221 [PDF]

  26. Laura Panzar and Elena Corina Cipu
    Using of stochastic Ito and Stratonovich integrals derived security pricing, pp. 222-229 [PDF]

  27. Viorel Petrehus
    The Poincare-Cartan form and conservative numerical methods, pp. 230-236 [PDF]

  28. Valeriu Prepelita and Monica Parvan
    State space models for generalized linear control systems, pp. 237-251 [PDF]

  29. Gabriela Ileana Sebe
    On a Gauss-Kuzmin-type problem for a new continued fraction expansion with explicit invariant measure, pp. 252-258 [PDF]

  30. Constantin Tarcolea, Adrian Paris and Adina-Ioana Tarcolea
    Statistical models applied to manufacturing systems, pp. 259-264 [PDF]

  31. Gheorghe Tigan
    Bifurcation and stability in a system derived from the Lorenz system, pp. 265-272 [PDF]

  32. Constantin Udriste, Vladimir Balan and Ileana Rodica Nicola
    Hopf bifurcations for time-delayed intra-cell Calcium variation models, pp. 273-284 [PDF]

  33. Constantin Udriste and Gabriel Bercu
    Geodesic Newton method, pp. 285-298 [PDF]

  34. Constantin Udriste and Armando Ciancio
    Interactions of nonholonomic economic systems, pp. 299-303 [PDF]

  35. Constantin Udriste and Dragos Cioroboiu
    Extrema of some curvature quadratic forms, pp. 304-312 [PDF]

  36. Constantin Udriste and Andrea Niglia
    IS-LM model with pure money financing, pp. 313-316 [PDF]

  37. Gheorghe Zet and Vasile Manta
    A computer aided study of field interactions, pp. 317-333 [PDF]

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