Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 12 (2010)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Haila Alodan
    Conformal gradient vector fields,
    Pp. 1-3, [PDF]

  2. Vladimir Balan, Sergey Lebedev
    On the Legendre transform and Hamiltonian formalism in Berwald-Moor geometry,
    Pp. 4-11, [PDF]

  3. W. Batat and S. Rahmani
    Homogeneous Lorentzian structures on the generalized Heisenberg group,
    Pp. 12-17, [PDF]

  4. Letizia Brunetti and Anna Maria Pastore
    Lightlike hypersurfaces in indefinite S-manifolds,
    Pp. 18-40, [PDF]

  5. Patrick Cabau
    Generic Jacobi manifolds,
    Pp. 41-51, [PDF]

  6. S.K. Chaubey and R.H. Ojha
    On the m-projective curvature tensor of a Kenmotsu manifold,
    Pp. 52-60, [PDF]

  7. Slaheddine Chihi
    On the minimal orbits of an abelian linear action,
    Pp. 61-72, [PDF]

  8. Pratyay Debnath and Arabinda Konar
    On quasi Einstein manifold and quasi Einstein spacetime,
    Pp. 73-82, [PDF]

  9. J.P. Jaiswal and R.H. Ojha
    On weakly pseudo-projectively symmetric manifolds,
    Pp. 83-94, [PDF]

  10. Fenghui Ji and Yan Wang
    Linear Weingarten helicoidal surfaces in Minkowski 3-space,
    Pp. 95-101, [PDF]

  11. M.A. Khan, Khushwant Singh and V.A. Khan
    Slant submanifolds of LP-contact manifolds,
    Pp. 102-108, [PDF]

  12. S. Kumar and K.C. Petwal
    Analysis on recurrence properties of Weyl's curvature tensor and its Newtonian limit,
    Pp. 109-117, [PDF]

  13. Ali Mahdipour-Shirayeh
    Symmetry analysis of quadratic homogeneous differential systems,
    Pp. 118-127, [PDF]

  14. Alejandro Meson and Fernando Vericat
    Weil-Petersson metric and infinite conformal iterated schemes,
    Pp. 128-144, [PDF]

  15. Svetislav M. Mincic and Milan Lj. Zlatanovic
    New commutation formulas for \delta-differentiation in a generalized Finsler space,
    Pp. 145-157, [PDF]

  16. Abul Kalam Mondal and U. C. De
    Second order parallel tensor on N(k)-contact metric manifolds,
    Pp. 158-165, [PDF]

  17. Octav Olteanu
    Extremal problems and related Dirichlet problems,
    Pp. 166-176, [PDF]

  18. G. Rezaie and R. Malekzadeh
    Ordinary differential equations on trivial vector bundles and a splitting of double tangent bundle,
    Pp. 177-186, [PDF]

  19. Derya Saglam and Ozgur Boyacioglu Kalkan
    Surfaces at a constant distance from the edge of regression on a surface in E_1^3,
    Pp. 187-200, [PDF]

  20. Absos Ali Shaikh and Ananta Patra
    On quasi-conformally flat quasi-Einstein spaces,
    Pp. 201-212, [PDF]

  21. Shah Alam Siddiqui and Zafar Ahsan
    Conharmonic curvature tensor and the Spacetime of General Relativity,
    Pp. 213-220, [PDF]

  22. Surendra Pratap Singh
    Projective motion in bi-recurrent Finsler space,
    Pp. 221-227, [PDF]

  23. A. Taleshian and N. Asghari
    On LP-Sasakian manifolds satisfying certain conditions on the concircular curvature tensor,
    Pp. 228-232, [PDF]

  24. Livia Tanase
    Harmonic maps on Riemannian manifolds,
    Pp. 233-238, [PDF]

  25. Mehmet Tekkoyun
    Mechanics systems on para-Kahlerian manifolds of constant J-sectional curvature,
    Pp. 239-245, [PDF]

  26. Bankteshwar Tiwari
    Landsberg spaces satisfying semi-T'-condition,
    Pp. 246-251, [PDF]

  27. Essin Turhan and Talat Korpinar
    Position vectors of timelike biharmonic Legendre curves in the Lorentzian Heisenberg group Heis^3,
    Pp. 252-259, [PDF]

  28. Siraj Uddin and Khalid Ali Khan
    Warped product semi-slant submanifolds of trans-Sasakian manifolds,
    Pp. 260-270, [PDF]

  29. Abhitosh Upadhyay and Ram Shankar Gupta
    Non-existence of contact totally umbilical proper slant submanifolds of a cosymplectic manifold,
    Pp. 271-276, [PDF]

  30. Aysel Turgut Vanli and Ramazan Sari
    Invariant submanifolds of trans-Sasakian manifolds,
    Pp. 277-288, [PDF]

  31. Ahmet Yildiz and Uday Chand De
    On a type of Kenmotsu manifolds,
    Pp. 289-298, [PDF]

  32. Selcen Yuksel Perktas, Erol Kilic, Mukut Mani Tripathi
    On a semi-symmetric metric connection in a Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifold,
    Pp. 299-310, [PDF]

  33. Violeta Zalutchi
    The geometry of (2,0)-jet bundles,
    Pp. 311-320, [PDF]

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