Proceedings of The International Conference
" Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems"( DGDS-2012 )

29 August - 2 September 2012, Mangalia, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2013
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Cristian Ida and Paul Popescu
    On the stability of transverse locally conformally symplectic structures, pp. 1-8. [PDF]

  2. Alejandro Meson and Fernando Vericat
    Convergence of the barycentre of measures from Fuchsian action groups, pp. 9-15. [PDF]

  3. Florian Munteanu
    Symmetries and conservation laws in k-symplectic geometry, pp. 16-35. [PDF]

  4. Mircea Neagu
    Multi-time Kosambi-Cartan-Chern invariants and applications, pp. 36-50. [PDF]

  5. Elena Ovsiyuk, Olga Veko, Mircea Neagu, Vladimir Balan and Viktor Red'kov
    Some properties of parameters of Lorentz matrices and transitivity equations, pp. 51-63. [PDF]

  6. Camelia Pop Ariesanu, Camelia Petrisor
    A geometrical overview of a mathematical model of malaria infection, pp. 64-71. [PDF]

  7. Liviu Popescu
    On control affine systems, pp. 72-78. [PDF]

  8. Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu
    On a class of singular vector subbundles, pp. 79-88. [PDF]

  9. Cristina Liliana Pripoae, Gabriel Teodor Pripoae, Vasile Preda
    Eta-pseudolinearity on differentiable manifolds, pp. 89-95. [PDF]

  10. Vitalij Retsnoi
    Integration of tensor fields, pp. 96-104. [PDF]

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