Proceedings of The International Conference
"Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems" (DGDS-2009)

October 8-11, 2009, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2010
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. I.D. Albu, M. Neamtu, D. Opris
    Stochastic generalized fractional HP equations and applications, pp. 1-11. [PDF]

  2. Anania Aron, Camelia Pop
    Quadratic and homogeneous Hamilton-Poisson systems on the 13th Lie algebra
    from Bianchi's classification,
    pp. 12-20. [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan
    Notable submanifolds in Berwald-Moor spaces, pp. 21-30. [PDF]

  4. Carlo Cattani, Armando Ciancio
    Second order models of tumor-immune system competition, pp. 31-40. [PDF]

  5. V. Ciancio, F. Farsaci, P. Rogolino
    On entropy production in relativistic thermodynamics, pp. 41-48. [PDF]

  6. G. Cicortas
    On some generalizations of the Palais-Smale condition, pp. 49-55. [PDF]

  7. Tania-Luminita Costache
    Extensions on twisted crossed products of completely positive invariant projective u-covariant multi-linear maps, pp. 56-67. [PDF]

  8. Mircea Craioveanu, Camelia Pop, Anania Aron, Camelia Petrisor
    An optimal control problem on the special Euclidean group SE(3,R), pp. 68-78. [PDF]

  9. M. Demetrescu, A. Paris and C. Tarcolea
    Uni-and multivariate loss functions and the Taguchi theory, pp. 79-83. [PDF]

  10. S.L. Druta
    Other classes of tangent bundles with general natural almost anti-Hermitian structures, pp. 84-98. [PDF]

  11. Mehmet Erdogan, Jeta Alo
    A characterization of H-strictly convex hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space by the Ricci curvatures, pp. 99-103. [PDF]

  12. A.M. Ionescu
    Nullity conditions on curvature of 3-f-manifolds, pp. 104-106. [PDF]

  13. Remi Leandre
    Wentzel-Freidlin estimates for jump processes in semi-group theory: lower bound, pp. 107-113. [PDF]

  14. Olga Martin
    A finite element technique for solving an integral-differential equation, pp. 114-125. [PDF]

  15. Silvia Marzavan and Dan Pascali
    Types of pseudomonotonocity in the study of variational inequalities, pp. 126-131. [PDF]

  16. Yoshio Matsuyama
    Kaehler submanifolds with the second fundamental form satisfying certain conditions, pp. 132-139. [PDF]

  17. Irina Meghea
    Weak solutions for the pseudo-Laplacian Delta_p^s using a perturbed variational principle, pp. 140-150. [PDF]

  18. Virgil Obadeanu and Monica Ciobanu
    Geometrical structures associated to implicit first order dynamical systems
    with some holonomic constraints,
    pp. 151-162. [PDF]

  19. Octav Olteanu
    Optimal control problems related to kinematics, pp. 163-171. [PDF]

  20. I. Popescu, T. Sireteanu and A.M. Mitu
    A comparative study of active and semi-active control of building seismic response, pp. 172-177. [PDF]

  21. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    Principal flat connections on second order tangent spaces, pp. 178-182. [PDF]

  22. Valeriu Prepelita
    Semiseparable kernels of 2D generalized hybrid systems, pp. 183-197. [PDF]

  23. M. Eugenia Rosado Maria
    Two characterizations of the Chern connection, pp. 198-204. [PDF]

  24. Sergey Siparov
    Anisotropic metric for the gravitation theory: new ways to interpret the classical GRT tests, pp. 205-217. [PDF]

  25. Cristina Stamin, Constantin Udriste
    Nonholonomic Gibbs hypersurface, pp. 218-228. [PDF]

  26. Petre Stavre and Adrian Lupu
    Lagrange-Hamilton conjugations, pp. 229-236. [PDF]

  27. C. Tarcolea, A. Paris and C. Andreescu
    Eulerian distributions applied in the reliability, pp. 237-242. [PDF]

  28. Constantin Udriste, Armando Ciancio
    Euler-Lagrange prolongations of Maxwell PDEs, pp. 243-249. [PDF]

  29. Nicoleta Voicu, Sergey Siparov
    A new approach to electromagnetism in anisotropic spaces, pp. 250-260. [PDF]

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