Proceedings of The International Conference
"Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems"  (DGDS-2007)
October 5-7, 2007 Bucharest, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2008
Editor in Chief:  Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor:  Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ion Doru Albu, Mihaela Neamtu and Dumitru Opris
    The dynamical rigid body with memory, pp. 1-10 [PDF]

  2. A.R. Amani and J. Sadeghi
    Adomian decomposition method and two coupled scalar fields, pp. 11-18 [PDF]

  3. Gheorghe Atanasiu and Alexandru Oana
    The Gauss-Weingarten formulae of second order, pp. 19-33 [PDF]

  4. Vladimir Balan
    BH-mean curvature in Randers spaces with anisotropically scaled metric, pp. 34-39 [PDF]

  5. Nicola Barbalace
    Soft computing for viscoanelastic media, pp. 40-43 [PDF]

  6. Gabriel Bercu
    Finsler structures associated to control systems, pp. 44-54 [PDF]

  7. Vincenzo Ciancio, Armando Ciancio and Francesco Farsaci
    Phenomenological approach to a model of viscoanelastic media, pp. 55-60 [PDF]

  8. Dan Deac
    Some fractional dynamic systems which describe economic processes, pp. 61-67 [PDF]

  9. V.V. Dikusar
    Nonregular and degenerated optimal control problems with control-state constrains, pp. 68-81 [PDF]

  10. Oltin Dogaru, Constantin Udriste and Cristina Stamin
    Lateral extrema and convexity, pp. 82-88 [PDF]

  11. Graham Hall
    Symmetries of the curvature, Weyl conformal and Weyl projective tensors on 4-dimensional Lorentz manifolds, pp. 89-98 [PDF]

  12. Mihaela Iftime
    Spacetime geometric structures and the search for a Quantum Theory of Gravity, pp. 99-109 [PDF]

  13. K. Kleidis, P. Nerantzi and D.B. Papadopoulos
    Kerr-Nut seeds for cosmic strings, pp. 110-118 [PDF]

  14. Ljubisa Kocic, Liljana Stefanovska, Elena Babace
    Affine invariant iterated function systems and the minimal simplex problem, pp. 119-128 [PDF]

  15. Adrian Lupu and Petre Stavre
    About almost symplectic conjugations, pp. 129-136 [PDF]

  16. Virgil Obadeanu
    Superfields associated to second order dynamical systems of some deformable continuous media, pp. 137-147 [PDF]

  17. M.R. Pahlavani, J. Sadeghi and M. Ghezelbash
    Non-relativistic bound states for modified Woods-Saxon potential, pp. 148-153 [PDF]

  18. M. Pappalardo and F. Villecco
    Max-Ent in fast belief fusion, pp. 154-162 [PDF]

  19. Marcela Popescu, Paul Popescu and Nicolae Dumitru
    Some aspects concerning non-Hamiltonians systems, pp. 163-167 [PDF]

  20. Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu
    An intrinsic link between scalar and volume-valued Lagrangians, pp. 168-175 [PDF]

  21. Valeriu Prepelita
    Adjoint multidimensional acausal systems, pp. 176-190 [PDF]

  22. J. Sadeghi, A.R. Amani and A. Imani
    Deformation of three real scalar fields with defect structure solution, pp. 191-197 [PDF]

  23. Lars Schafer
    On tt*-bundles and related pluriharmonic maps, pp. 198-210 [PDF]

  24. Kostadin Trencevski and Emilija G. Celakoska
    On the equations of motion in Minkowski space, pp. 211-220 [PDF]

  25. Constantin Udriste, Dragos Isvoranu, Vicenzo Ciancio, Florian Ghionea, Viorel Badescu, Ionel Tevy
    Higher-dimensional black hole Geometric Thermodynamics, pp. 221-231 [PDF]

  26. Gabriel Eduard Vilcu
    Normal semi-invariant submanifolds of paraquaternionic space forms
    and mixed 3-structures,
    pp. 232-240 [PDF]

  27. Anca Zlatescu and Luminita Lemnete-Ninulescu
    L-moment problems, pp. 241-245 [PDF]

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