Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 6 (2004), No. 1
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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Pinar Anapa
    Regular conditional linear spaces with two consecutive line degrees
    Pp. 1-6, 2000 AMS Classification: 05B25, 51E20, 51A45.
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  2. David Carfi
    S-linear operators in quantum mechanics and in economy
    Pp. 7-20, 2000 AMS Classification: 46F10, 46F99, 47A05, 47N50, 70A05, 70B05, 81P05, 81Q99.
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  3. Ibrahim Gunaltili and Aytac Kurtulus
    On finite near-circular spaces
    Pp. 21-26, 2000 AMS Classification: 51B05, 51E25, 51E30.
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  4. Stefano Iacus and Davide La Torre
    IFS approximations of distribution functions and related optimization problems
    Pp. 27-38, 2000 AMS Classification: 62E17, 62H10, 37H.
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  5. Razvan Raducanu
    A new approach of fracture mechanics
    Pp. 39-43, 2000 AMS Classification: 74B05, 74R99, 90C90.
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  6. Salvador Romaguera, Juan Vicente Sanchez-Perez, Oscar Valero
    A mathematical model to reproduce the wave field generated by convergent lenses
    Pp. 44-52, 2000 AMS Classification: 30C35, 53Z05, 54H99, 82-05.
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  7. Iwao Sato
    Isomorphisms of cyclic abelian covers of symmetric digraphs II
    Pp. 53-65, 2000 AMS Classification: 05C10, 05C30.
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  8. Varadachari Sridharan and T.V. Kalyani
    Cost analysis of a redundant system using GERT
    Pp. 66-77, 2000 AMS Classification: 90B25, 60 K10.
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  9. Fatih Tasci and Mehmet Bayramoglu
    Asymptotic behaviour of the weighted trace of the Schrodinger operator
    Pp. 78-83, 2000 AMS Classification: 45M05, 39B42.
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