Proceedings of The International Conference
"Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems" (DGDS-2008)
The 5-th International Colloquium of
"Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics"(MENP-5 * mathematics sections)

August 29 - September 2, 2008, Mangalia, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2009
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ion Doru Albu and Dumitru Opris
    The geometry of fractional tangent bundle and applications, pp. 1-11[PDF]

  2. Gheorghe Atanasiu and Mircea Neagu
    Distinguished tensors and Poisson brackets in the multi-time Hamilton Geometry, pp. 12-27[PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan and Adelina Manea
    Leafwise 2-jet cohomology on foliated Finsler manifolds, pp. 28-41[PDF]

  4. Behroz Bidabad
    A remark on the Gauss-Bonnet theorem in Finsler geometry, pp. 42-46[PDF]

  5. Oana Chis and Dumitru Opris
    Synchronization and cryptography using chaotic dynamical systems, pp. 47-56[PDF]

  6. Elena Corina Cipu, Carmen Pricina
    Numerical study for two point boundary problems in nonlinear fluid mechanics, pp. 57-64[PDF]

  7. Hristu Culetu
    Anisotropic fluid inside the black hole, pp. 65-69[PDF]

  8. Mohsen Emami, Hassan Zohoor and Saeed Sohrabpour
    Solving high order nonholonomic systems using Gibbs-Appell method, pp. 70-79[PDF]

  9. Mihai Ivan, Gheorghe Ivan and Dumitru Opris
    Fractional differential systems associated to Toda lattice, pp. 80-90[PDF]

  10. Irina Meghea
    Some results obtained in dynamical systems using a variational calculus theorem, pp. 91-98[PDF]

  11. Marcel Migdalovici and Daniela Baran
    On a stability analysis method of dynamical systems with numerical tests, pp. 99-107[PDF]

  12. Mircea Olteanu, Tania-Luminita Costache and Mariana Zamfir
    The spectra of a class of convolution operators, pp. 108-113[PDF]

  13. Octav Olteanu and Constantin Radu
    Moment problems on unbounded subsets of R^n, optimization and some applications, pp. 114-125[PDF]

  14. Valeriu Prepelita
    Minimum energy transfer and controllability in a class of multidimensional continuous discrete systems, pp. 126-138[PDF]

  15. Gabriel-Teodor Pripoae and Cristina-Liliana Pripoae
    Geodesible vector fields and adapted invariant Riemannian metrics, pp. 139-149[PDF]

  16. Constantin Tarcolea, Adrian Paris and Cristian Andreescu
    Comparison of reliability models, pp. 150-155[PDF]

  17. Mehmet Tekkoyun
    Complex dynamics effect on distributions, pp. 156-162[PDF]

  18. Rodica Voicu
    Ricci curvature and Weitzenbock formula on 3-dimensional Sasakian manifolds, pp. 163-173[PDF]

* The MENP-5 Mathematics Sections: 1. Applications of Riemannian and Finsler-Lagrange-Hamilton structures; 2. Dynamical systems and jet space theory; 3. Multitime evolutions and optimal control problems; 4. Magnetic dynamical systems; antennas theory; 5. Mathematical models in Physics and in Engineering; 6. Mathematical statistics; 7. Chaos and fractals.

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