Proceedings of The International Conference
" Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems"( DGDS-2016 )

28 August - 3 September 2016, Mangalia, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2017
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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       Commemoration volume * In memoriam - Professor Adrian Constantinescu
  1. A. E. Bensid and H. Zeghdoudi
    On the Lindley family distribution: quantile function, limiting distributions of sample minima and maxima and entropies, pp. 1-18. [PDF]

  2. Adara Monica Blaga
    Invariant, anti-invariant and slant submanifolds of a para-Kenmotsu manifold, pp. 19-28. [PDF]

  3. Iulia Elena Hirica
    On some concircular mappings of Kaehler manifols, pp. 29-35. [PDF]

  4. Gabriel-Teodor Pripoae and Cristina-Liliana Pripoae
    Adapted metrics for Newtonian gravity models, pp. 36-46. [PDF]

  5. Ali Sapeeh Rasheed, Constantin Udriste and Ionel Tevy
    Barrier algorithm for optimization on affine manifolds, pp. 47-63. [PDF]

  6. Constantin Udriste, Steluta Pricopie and Adrian Constantinescu
    Exotic group structures on Descartes Folium. II, pp. 64-73. [PDF]

  7. Olga Veko, Elena Ovsiyuk, Vladimir Balan and Viktor Redkov
    Bolyai--Lobachevsky geometrical simulation of a media acting as an ideal mirror on the particles, pp. 74-90. [PDF]

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