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Examene pentru pozitii de lector si de conferentiar [2021]
Admission Exams to the Master Program SDOMEF (2-year studies)
Admission Exams to the Licence Program (4-year studies)
Elections for Director of Department Mathematics-Informatics (2020-2024):
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- Candidate: Prof.dr.habil. Mihai Postolache * Data
- Elected Director: Prof.dr.habil. Mihai Postolache / 24 February 2020.

<<< The XV-th International Conference of Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems ( DGDS-2021 ) >>>
[The DGDS-2021 Conference will have its 4-days works ONLINE * No registration fees perceived]

26 - 29 August 2021 * online event * [Bucharest, Romania]

The DGDS-2021 Conference webpage

Effective Scientific Programs of the previous DGDS Conferences:
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Other scientific events:
8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics (ICRAPAM 2021), 21-24 May 2021, Bodrum, Mugla-Turkey
5th International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, 2-4 June 2021, Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece
Online International Conference on Applied Analysis snd Mathematical Modelling (ICAAMM2021), 11-13 June 2021, Istanbul, Turkey
Conference "Mathematics & IT: Research and Education (MITRE-2021)" * 1-3 July 2021, Chisinau, Moldova
4th International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Science and Engineering (MACISE 2021), 18-20 July 2021, Madrid, Spain
Conference on Discrete Mathematics [SIAM 20201], 20-23 July 2021, Spokane, Washington U.S.
7th International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Sciences and Industry (MCSI), 22-24 August 2021, Athens, Greece
4th International Conference on Mathematical Models & Computational Techniques in Science & Engineering (MMCTSE 2021), 22-24 August 2021, London, UK
International Conference on Algebra, Analysis and Geometry, 22-28 August 2021, Kazan, Russian Federation
XXI Geometrical Seminar, 26 June - 2 July 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

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