Proceedings of The International Conference
" Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems" ( DGDS-2019 )

10 - 13 October 2019, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2020
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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*** Commemoration * In memoriam: Prof. dr. Vasile Oproiu ***

*** Commemoration * In memoriam: Prof. dr. Aurel Bejancu ***

  1. Mohammed Ali Alghamdi and Oguzhan Bahadir
    Some characterizations in Kenmotsu manifolds with a new connection, pp. 1-16. [PDF]

  2. Diana Rodica Constantin, Valentin Ioan Remus Niculescu, Agneta Anthoaneth Mocanu, Flavia Nacu and Erika Varga-Verebelyi
    The Hydrogen-like atom: geometric representation of its orbital types, pp. 17-21. [PDF]

  3. Muthayyan Arockia Dasan
    Some new N-topological spaces by generalized open sets, pp. 22-32. [PDF]

  4. Hans Fotsing Tetsing and Ferdinand Ngakeu
    Null trapping horizons, pp. 33-44. [PDF]

  5. Alina Ivashkevich and Viktor Red'kov
    Solving spinor Maxwell equations in cylindrical parabolic coordinates, and spinor space structure, pp. 45-68. [PDF]

  6. Meraj Ali Khan and Ali Alkhalidi
    Chen's inequalities for biwarped product submanifolds in complex space forms, pp. 69-79. [PDF]

  7. Artem Koralkov, Yanina Voynova, Nina Krylova, Elena Ovsiyuk and Vladimir Balan
    Vector particle with electric quadrupole moment in external Coulomb field, pp. 80-106. [PDF]

  8. Halil Ibrahim Yoldas
    On a classification of super quasi-Einstein manifolds, pp. 107-115. [PDF]

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