Proceedings of The International Conference
" Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems"( DGDS-2015 )

8-11 October 2015, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2016
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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Homagial volume
    * The 20-th Anniversary of the Balkan Society of Geometers
  *   The 75-th anniversary of the President of B.S.G., Prof. Emeritus Dr. Constantin Udriste


  1. Muhittin Evren Aydin, Alper Osman Ogrenmis
    Homothetical, translation hypersurfaces with constant curvature in the isotropic space, pp. 1-10. [PDF]

  2. Cristina Bercia, Romeo Bercia
    Food-chain dynamics in a mangrove ecosystem with harvesting, pp. 11-18. [PDF]

  3. Diana Rodica Constantin
    Black hole effect, gravitational redshift in the scaled Maneff's field, pp. 19-23. [PDF]

  4. Valentin Gabriel Cristea
    Jet prolongations of the projectable characteristic vector fields of a commutative, characteristic deformation algebra, pp. 24-28. [PDF]

  5. Stefan Mititelu, Vladimir Balan
    Duality theory for the vector rational multi-time variational problem on manifolds based on (rho,b)-geodesic quasiinvexity, pp. 29-42. [PDF]

  6. Vic Patrangenaru, Kouadio David Yao, Vladimir Balan
    3D face analysis from digital camera images, pp. 43-55. [PDF]

  7. Elena Popovici
    Contact structures on the indicatrix of a complex Finsler space, pp. 56-67. [PDF]

  8. Dana Sylvan, Constantin Tarcolea, Adrian Stere Paris
    Space-time quantile surfaces of non-stationary random fields: a comparison study, pp. 68-74. [PDF]

  9. Constantin Udriste, Ionel Tevy, Raluca Tuliga, Cristian Ghiu, Florin Munteanu, Dorel Zugravescu
    Two-time logistic map, pp. 75-83. [PDF]

  10. Anastasios Zachos
    Hyperbolic median, its applications, pp. 84-89. [PDF]

  11. Violeta Zalutchi
    On holomorphic jets bundle j^(2,0)M with Randers metric, pp. 90-98. [PDF]

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