Proceedings of the 4-th International Colloquium of
Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics (MENP-4)
October 6-8, 2006, Bucharest, ROMANIA

(The Mathematics Sections: Geometry, Dynamical
Systems, Optimization & Mathematical Statistics

Geometry Balkan Press 2007
ISSN 1843-2654 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2859 (online version)

Editor in Chief: Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Nicoleta Aldea and Gheorghe Munteanu
    (\alpha ,\beta ) - complex Finsler metrics, pp. 1-6 [PDF]

  2. Guler Gurpinar Arsan and Gulcin Civi Yildirim
    Generalized concircular recurrent Weyl spaces, pp. 7-11 [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan and Simona Mihaela Bibic
    Wavelet procedures applied in ecosystem models, pp. 12-17 [PDF]

  4. Vladimir Balan and Cristina Stefania Stamin
    Stabilization with feedback control in the Kaldor economic model, pp. 19-24 [PDF]

  5. Ilie Burdujan
    New results on homogeneous systems, pp. 25-29 [PDF]

  6. Carlo Cattani and Armando Ciancio
    Third order model for tumor-immune system competition, pp. 30-39 [PDF]

  7. Elena-Corina Cipu and Carmen Dragnea
    Mortality modeling for Romanian population, pp. 38-45 [PDF]

  8. Mircea Cirnu
    The continuity of linear physical systems, pp. 46-51 [PDF]

  9. Mariana Craiu and Romeo Bercia
    A bivariate copula model for the failure of electrical cable insulation, pp. 52-57 [PDF]

  10. Oltin Dogaru, Constantin Udriste and Cristina Stefania Stamin
    From curves to extrema, continuity and convexity, pp. 58-62 [PDF]

  11. Iulian Duca
    Palais-Smale condition for multi-time actions that produce Poisson-gradient PDEs, pp. 63-65 [PDF]

  12. Hans-Dieter Heike, Matei Demetrescu
    Approximating unknown functions when fitting errors involve costs, pp. 68-72 [PDF]

  13. Gheorghe Ivan, Mihai Ivan and Dumitru Opris
    Fractional Euler - Lagrange and fractional Wong equations for Lie algebroids, pp. 73-80 [PDF]

  14. Maria Joita, Tania-Luminita Costache and Mariana Zamfir
    Dilations on Hilbert C^*- modules for C^*- dynamical systems, pp. 81-86 [PDF]

  15. Alexei Kushner
    Symplectic classification of elliptic Monge-Ampere operators, pp. 87-94 [PDF]

  16. Luminita Lemnete-Ninulescu
    A Moment Problem with values positive definite matrices, pp. 95-98 [PDF]

  17. Olga Martin
    Variational study of an elliptic boundary problem, pp. 99-105 [PDF]

  18. Marcel Migdalovici, Daniela Baran
    Theoretical research regarding the Floquet stability theorem with applications, pp. 106-110 [PDF]

  19. Stefan Mititelu
    Mond-Weir type dualities in multiobjective nonsmooth programming, pp. 111-119 [PDF]

  20. Masataka Mizushima, R. W. Zimmerer and Liviu Tomutsa
    Detection of Gravitational Waves II, pp. 120-125 [PDF]

  21. Mircea Olteanu, Tania-Luminita Costache and Mariana Zamfir
    An algorithm for computing the spectra of multiplication systems, pp. 126-130 [PDF]

  22. Valeriu Prepelita
    State-space representations of (q,r)-d hybrid systems, pp. 131-144 [PDF]

  23. Maido Rahula
    Les invariants des mouvements, pp. 145-153 [PDF]

  24. Gabriela Ileana Sebe
    Recent advances in the metric theory of a new continued fraction expansion, pp. 154-160 [PDF]

  25. Aron Szasz-Gabor
    Forecasting methods applied to Engineering Management, pp. 161-166 [PDF]

  26. Constantin Tarcolea and Adrian Stere Paris
    Considerations regarding the reliability of a manufacturing system, pp. 167-172 [PDF]

  27. Constantin Tarcolea, Adrian Stere Paris and Ioan Tanase
    Models for the reliability of the manufacturing systems, pp. 173-178 [PDF]

  28. Gheorghe Tigan
    Investigations of the T system with time delay, pp. 179-185 [PDF]

  29. Constantin Udriste, Viorel Badescu, Vincenzo Ciancio, Florian Ghionea, Dragos Isvoranu, Ionel Tevy
    Black hole geometric thermodynamics, pp. 186-194 [PDF]

  30. Constantin Udriste, Ariana Pitea and Janina Mihaila
    Kinetic PDEs on the first order jet bundle, pp. 195-208 [PDF]

  31. Anca Manuela Zlatescu and Luminita Lemnete-Ninulescu
    Subnormality and Moment Problems, pp. 209-213 [PDF]

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