Proceedings of The 5-th Conference of Balkan Society of Geometers 
August 29 - September 2, 2005 Mangalia, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2006
ISBN (10) 973-8381-14-2 & (13) 978-973-8381-14-8
Editor in Chief:  Constantin Udriste
Volume Editor:  Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ion Doru Albu and Dumitru Opris
    Leibniz dynamics with time delay, pp. 1-9 [PDF]

  2. Mihai Anastasiei
    Geometry of Lagrangians and semisprays on Lie algebroids, pp. 10-17 [PDF]

  3. Gheorghe Atanasiu
    Structure equations of second order, pp. 18-27 [PDF]

  4. Vladimir Balan and Vic Patrangenaru
    Geometry of Shape Spaces, pp. 28-33 [PDF]

  5. Behroz Bidabad and Sina Hedayatian
    Invariant conformal geometry on Finsler manifolds, pp. 34-43 [PDF]

  6. Marian Degeratu and Mihai Ivan
    Linear connections on Lie algebroids, pp. 44-53[PDF]

  7. Dorel Fetcu
    An adapted connection on a strict complex contact manifold, pp. 54-61[PDF]

  8. Steffen Frohlich
    On 2-surfaces in R^4 and R^n, pp. 62-69[PDF]

  9. Dragos Isvoranu and Constantin Udriste
    Fluid flow versus Geometric Dynamics, pp. 70-82[PDF]

  10. Mihaela Neamtu, Dumitru Opris, M. Popescu
    Hopf bifurcation for the rigid body with time delay, pp. 83-91[PDF]

  11. Marius Paun
    Einstein and Maxwell equations for a couple of remarkable generalized Lagrange spaces of type {GL^{2(n)} (M,g_{ij}(x,y^{(1)},y^{(2)})= e^{2\sigma(x,y^{(1)},y^{(2)})}\gamma_{ij} (x) )}, pp. 92-109[PDF]

  12. Cornel Pintea
    Measuring how far from fibrations are certain pairs of manifolds, pp. 110-114 [PDF]

  13. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    From Hamiltonians and Lagrangians to Legendrians, pp. 115-122 [PDF]

  14. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    On affine Hamiltonians and Lagrangians of higher order and their subspaces, pp. 123-139 [PDF]

  15. Valeriu Prepelita and Elena Laura Stanculescu
    Applications of the multiple hybrid Laplace-Z transformation in Control Systems and Queueing Theory, pp. 140-147 [PDF]

  16. Petre Stavre and Amelia Curca-Nastaselu
    The pseudo-Riemannian isometries associated to Sasaki lift, pp. 148-156 [PDF]

  17. Petre P. Teodorescu, Veturia Chiroiu, Ligia Munteanu
    The pseudospherical reduction of an uniaxial deformation of the Carbon nanotubes, pp. 157-165 [PDF]

  18. Ionel Tevy and Constantin Udriste
    Weak differential operators with periodical test functions, pp. 166-172 [PDF]

  19. Jose G. Vargas and Douglas G. Torr
    A different line of evolution of Geometry on manifolds endowed with pseudo-Riemannian metrics of Lorentzian signature, pp. 173-182 [PDF]

  20. Jose G. Vargas and Douglas G. Torr
    Of Finsler fiber bundles and the evolution of the Calculus, pp. 183-191 [PDF]

  21. Vesna Velickovic
    The basic principles and concepts of a software package for visualisation of Mathematics, pp. 192-203 [PDF]

  22. Gheorghe Zet
    Gauge theory of Gravitation, pp. 204-212[PDF]

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