Conference on Applied Differential Geometry General Relativity,
Workshop on Global Analysis, Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras
June 26-30, 2002, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Geometry Balkan Press 2004
[Editor: Grigorios Tsagas; Assoc. Editors: M. Popescu, P. Popescu and M. Postolache]

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  1. Mihai Anastasiei
    Geometry of Berwald-Cartan spaces, pp. 1-9 [PDF]

  2. Akira Asada
    Zeta regularization and Noncommutative Geometry, pp. 10-24 [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan
    Lagrangian structures in geometrized jet framework, pp. 25-39 [PDF]

  4. Valentin Gabriel Cristea
    Sufficient criteria for a superdifferentiable supercurve to be a minimum on Riemannian supermanifolds, pp. 40-48 [PDF]

  5. G.Dimos, G.Mitsios and Chr. Simopoulos
    Homogeneous domain C^4 and Lie algebras, pp. 49-54 [PDF]

  6. Anargyros G. Fellouris and Lina K. Matiadou
    On the classification of the five-dimensional Lie superalgebras, pp. 55-60 [PDF]

  7. Camelia Frigioiu
    Noether's laws of conservation in time dependent Lagrange spaces, pp. 61-68 [PDF]

  8. Pedro Martinez Gadea and Ana Primo Ramos
    Homogeneous structures on the Levichev spacetimes IIa, pp. 69-72 [PDF]

  9. Athanase Kehagias, K. Serafimidis and M. Konstantinidou
    Congruences of the Nakano superlattice and some of their properties, pp. 73-84 [PDF]

  10. Vittorio Mangione
    Some recent contributions to CR-submersions, pp. 85-90 [PDF]

  11. Masataka Mizushima
    Einstein-Schwarzschild force (speed of light and g of deuteron), pp. 91-95 [PDF]

  12. Jovanka Nikic and Nevena Pu¡sic
    A remarkable class of natural metric quarter-symmetric connection on a hyperbolic Kahlerian space, pp. 96-101 [PDF]

  13. Apostolos Nikolopoulos
    On the triviality of lie groupoids, pp. 102-110 [PDF]

  14. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    On Finsler bundles and Finsler connections, pp. 111-117 [PDF]

  15. Svetlana I. Sokolovskaya
    Bortolotti's, Cartan's and Norden's normalizations of manifolds of the projective space, pp. 118-120 [PDF]

  16. Mirela Stefanescu and Cristina Flaut
    Associativity condition for some alternative algebras of degree three, pp. 121-130 [PDF]

  17. Grigorios Tsagas
    Determination of the Ricci structure on a compact manifold by some spectra, pp. 131-140 [PDF]

  18. Grigorios Tsagas, Th. Tapanidis, S. Kortesis, Aspasia Synefaki and Ch. Christophoridou
    Determination of characteristically nilpotent Lie algebras, pp. 141-152 [PDF]

  19. Grigorios Tsagas and Sergiu I. Vacaru
    Nonlinear connections and isotopic Clifford stuctures, pp. 153-196 [PDF]

  20. Sergiu I. Vacaru and Nadejda A. Vicol
    Generalized Finsler superspaces, pp. 197-229 [PDF]

  21. Vic Patrangenaru, Vlad P. Patrangenaru
    Mean shapes, image fusion and scene reconstruction, pp. 230-242 [PDF]

  22. Gabriel Teodor Pripoae
    Classification of Semi-Riemannian almost product structures, pp. 243-251 [PDF]

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