Conference on Applied Differential Geometry, General Relativity,
Workshop on Global Analysis, Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras
August 27 - September 1, 2000, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Geometry Balkan Press 2003
[Editor: Grigorios Tsagas; Assoc. Editors: M. Popescu, P. Popescu and M. Postolache]

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  1. Themistokles Andreou
    A Banach space of non bounded functions, pp. 1-6 [PDF]

  2. Vladimir Balan, Panayiotis C. Stavrinos and Kostadin Trencevski
    Weak Gravitational models based on Beil metrics, pp. 7-22 [PDF]

  3. Veronica T. Borcea
    Some properties of quasiconformal mappings in Riemannian manifolds, pp. 23-30 [PDF]

  4. Irena Comic and Nevena Pusic
    Some relations in Osc^3(M), pp. 31-44 [PDF]

  5. Ana Craciun
    Variational principles in the linear thermoelasticity of solids with microstructure having a symmetric stress tensor, pp. 45-59 [PDF]

  6. Ana Craciun and Ion A. Craciun
    Reciprocity theorems in the linear thermoelasticity of solids with microstructure having a symmetric stress tensor, pp. 60-67 [PDF]

  7. A. Jannussis
    Some remarks on the quadratic q-oscillator and quantum chaos, pp. 68-75 [PDF]

  8. G. T. Karahalios
    Electron evolution in single-electron tunneling, pp. 76-78 [PDF]

  9. C. Mamaloukas
    Application of the decomposition method to the Kortweg-de Vries equation, pp. 79-87 [PDF]

  10. C. Mamaloukas
    An approximate solution of Burgers equation using Adomian's decomposition method, pp. 88-98 [PDF]

  11. Radu Miron
    Geodesics in the higher order Finsler Geometry, pp. 99-106 [PDF]

  12. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    Projectable non-linear connections on submanifolds and on distributions on manifolds, pp. 107-112 [PDF]

  13. Cristina Liliana Pripoae
    Pareto maxima as maximum points for weighted real valued functions, pp. 113-116 [PDF]

  14. Gabriel Teodor Pripoae
    Fermi-Walker parallelism induced by generalized Schouten connections, pp. 117-125 [PDF]

  15. Monica Purcaru and Emil Stoica
    Semi-symmetric metrical n-linear connections in the k-osculator bundle, pp. 126-131 [PDF]

  16. Leonid D. Raigorodski
    On variation of the metric tensor in the action of a physical field, pp. 132-137 [PDF]

  17. Panayiotis C. Stavrinos and S. Ikeda
    Finslerian Lie variations for the dust like matter, pp. 138-144 [PDF]

  18. Thomas Toulias and Philippos J. Xenos
    On some classes of conformally flat almost Hermitian manifolds, pp. 145-151 [PDF]

  19. Kostadin Trencevski, V. Covachev and I. Risteski
    On some cohomologies on spaces admitting flat linear connections, pp. 152-157 [PDF]

  20. Grigorios Tsagas
    On the Killing tensor fields on a compact Riemannian manifold, pp. 158-164 [PDF]

  21. Grigorios Tsagas and Gr. Bitis
    On the harmonic and Killing tensor fields on a compact Riemannian manifold, pp. 165-175 [PDF]

  22. Grigorios Tsagas, D.Katsiaris and S.Panos
    Unification of the Lie algebras u(p, q), pp. 176-183 [PDF]

  23. Grigorios Tsagas, D.Katsiaris and S.Panos
    Unification of Lie algebras so(p, q), p + q = n, p = 1, n, q = 0, n, pp. 184-186 [PDF]

  24. Grigorios Tsagas and Athanase Tsonis
    Classification of isounits, pp. 187-190 [PDF]

  25. C. Wolf
    The effect of Tsallis statistics on the black body spectrum, pp. 191-197 [PDF]

  26. Angela Pasarescu
    Towards a theory of complex holomorphic functions of several variables from non-standard point of view, pp. 198-203 [PDF]

  27. Efstathios Vassiliou
    Vector sheaves associated with principal sheaves, pp. 204-214 [PDF]

  28. Constantin Radu, Constantin Dragusin and Mihai Postolache
    On consecutive equations of rate type (composite) materials, pp. 215-243 [PDF]

  29. Constantin Patrascoiu
    Field of cones on cotangent bundle of symplectic manifolds, pp. 244-248 [PDF]

  30. Vicenzo Ciancio and Carlo Cattani
    On the propagation of transverse acoustic waves in the form of harmonic wavelets in isotropic media,
    pp. 249-262 [PDF]

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