of the 2-nd International Colloquium
of Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics (MENP-2)
April 22-27, 2002, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Geometry Balkan Press 2003 * ISBN 973-8381-04-5
Editor in Chief:  C.Udriste
Volume Editor: V. Balan

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  1. Vladimir Balan and Panayiotis C. Stavrinos
    Killing symmetries of Einstein equations in geometrized fibered framework, pp. 1-8 [PDF]

  2. Gabriel Bercu
    Finslerian convexity on the positive orthant, pp. 9-22 [PDF]

  3. Mircea Bodnariu
    Finite Markov chains with discrete two-dimensional parameter, pp. 23-30 [PDF]

  4. Elena Corina Cipu
    A shock wave propagation into a transonic flow of a compressible fluid, pp. 31-39 [PDF]

  5. Mariana Craiu
    Bayes estimators for a multivariate survival model, pp. 40-44 [PDF]

  6. Dana Draghicescu and S. Ghosh
    Smooth nonparametric quantiles, pp. 45-52 [PDF]

  7. Massimiliano Ferrara, Andrea Niglia
    Market competition via geometric dynamics, pp. 53-59 [PDF]

  8. Massimiliano Ferrara and Constantin Udriste
    Area conditions associated to thermodynamic and economic systems, pp. 60-68 [PDF]

  9. H.-D. Heike, Constantin Tarcolea, M. Demetrescu and A. Tarcolea
    Fiducial inference for discrete and continuous distributions, pp. 69-80 [PDF]

  10. Stelian Ion, Romeo Bercia and V. Neicu
    Inverse estimations of the parameters: phosphorus cycle in an aquatic ecosystem, pp. 81-86 [PDF]

  11. Dorin Marinescu and Cecil P. Grunfeld
    Stochastic algorithms solving nonlinear Boltzmann models, pp. 87-95 [PDF]

  12. Houari Mechkour
    The exact expressions for the roots of Rayleigh wave equation, pp. 96-104 [PDF]

  13. N. Minoiu
    Comparaison entre l`analyse logit et probit et les reseaux de neurones, pp. 105-123 [PDF]

  14. Stefan Mititelu
    An equivalency condition of the invexity and preinvexity notions in optimization theory, pp. 124-131 [PDF]

  15. Razvan Raducanu
    Moving least squares method, revisited, pp. 132-139 [PDF]

  16. Gabriela Ileana Sebe
    Recent advances in the theory of transfer operators arising in statistical mechanics, pp. 140-146 [PDF]

  17. Constantin Udriste, C. Calin, Ionel Tevy
    Optimal receiver of solar power stations, pp. 147-164 [PDF]

  18. Constantin Udriste, Ionel Tevy, Alexandru Lupascu, Mihai Postolache
    Numerical simulation of some stationary electric dynamical systems, pp. 165-186 [PDF]

  19. Daniel Udriste
    On a control system of trailer-truck jackknifing, pp. 187-197 [PDF]

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