The Workshop on Global Analysis,
Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras
July 1997, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Geometry Balkan Press 2001
[Editor: Grigorios Tsagas; Assoc. Editors: M. Popescu, P. Popescu and M. Postolache]

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  1. Akira Asada
    Clifford algebras on Sobolev spaces, pp. 1-15 [PDF]

  2. Vladimir Balan and Panayiotis Stavrinos
    On general Randers-Kropina Finslerian metrics, pp. 16-26 [PDF]

  3. Toader T. Buhaescu
    Uninorm aggregation operators for intuitionistic fuzzy sets, pp. 27-32 [PDF]

  4. Ch. Ganatsiou
    On the stochastic behaviour of the digits in the modified Engel-type alternating series representations for real numbers, pp. 33-39 [PDF]

  5. V.A. Golubeva and V.P. Leksin
    Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov connections, spin Calogero-Sutherland operators, and generalized Matsuo-Cherednik maps, pp. 40-48 [PDF]

  6. V. A. Golubeva and V. P. Leksin
    Combinatorics of the hyperplane arrangements and integrable models, pp. 49-59 [PDF]

  7. Mircea Olteanu
    Time-invariant and diagonal operators associated to a system of imprimitivity, pp. 60-68 [PDF]

  8. Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu
    Generalised algebroids and second order geometry, pp. 69-78 [PDF]

  9. Mircea Puta and Florian Cret
    A generalization of the Gilkey-Branson-Fulling formula, pp. 79-82 [PDF]

  10. Constantin Radu, Constantin Dragusin and Mihai Postolache
    Study of longitudinal vibrations of a composite rod using spline functions, pp. 83-89 [PDF]

  11. Ruggiero Maria Santilli
    Isotopic grand unification with the inclusion of gravity, pp. 90-107 [PDF]

  12. Grigorios Tsagas
    Spectra and foliation, pp. 108-116 [PDF]

  13. Grigorios Tsagas and Xanthippi Agrafiotou
    Classification of nilpotent Lie algebras of maximal rank and given type, pp. 117-124 [PDF]

  14. Grigorios Tsagas, D. Katsiaris and S. Panos
    Unification of the nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension three and four, pp. 125-129 [PDF]

  15. Grigorios Tsagas and Athanase Tsonis
    Structure of the isounits, pp. 130-137 [PDF]

  16. Philippos J. Xenos and Gouli-Andreou
    Some remarks on 3-dimensional contract Riemannian manifolds, pp. 138-141 [PDF]

  17. Mircea Neagu
    The Geometry of relativistic rheonomic Lagrange spaces, pp. 142-168 [PDF]

  18. Constantin Udriste
    Multi-time dynamics induced by 1-forms and metrics, pp. 169-178 [PDF]

  19. Constantin Udriste and Mihai Postolache
    Least squares problem and magnetic dynamics, pp. 179-229 [PDF]

  20. Gabriel Bercu
    Gradient methods on Finsler manifolds, pp. 230-233 [PDF]

  21. Livia Bercu
    Sygnomial type Lagrangians, pp. 234-238 [PDF]

  22. Ana-Maria Teleman
    Dirac operations and the Weitzenbock formula for Spin^G(3)-structures,pp. 239-247 [PDF]

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