The Workshop on Global Analysis,
Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras
June 24-28, 1998, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Geometry Balkan Press 2000
[Editor: Grigorios Tsagas; Assoc. Editors: M. Popescu, P. Popescu and M. Postolache]

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  1. Vladimir Balan
    On the DPW method for the tangent group, pp. 1-9 [PDF]

  2. P. Barbari and A. Kobotis
    Special classification of nilpotent lie algebras, pp. 10-14 [PDF]

  3. P. Barbari
    Special characteristically nilpotent lie algebra of dimension eight, pp. 15-18 [PDF]

  4. Irena Comic
    Orthogonal adapted basis of T*(Osc^k M), pp. 19-28 [PDF]

  5. Sergiu Corbu and Mihai Postolache
    Finite homogeneous Markov chain induced by a branching process in random environement, pp. 29-36 [PDF]

  6. Iulia Elena Hirica
    Absolute invariant operators on differentiable manifolds, pp. 37-51 [PDF]

  7. O.A. Khrustalev, M.V. Tchitchikina and S.Yu. Vernov
    Periodic solutions in field theory and Poincaré invariance (group analysis), pp. 52-64 [PDF]

  8. Maria Papatriantafillou
    Hermitian structures and compatible connections on a-bundles*, pp. 65-75 [PDF]

  9. Marius Paun
    Einstein equations for a generalized Lagrange space of order 2 in invariant frames, pp. 76-82 [PDF]

  10. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    Non-linear d-connections, pp. 83-90 [PDF]

  11. Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu
    Generalized algebroids and strongly homotopy Lie algebras, pp. 91-99 [PDF]

  12. Mihai Postolache
    Self-similar sets from random affine transformations, pp. 100-107 [PDF]

  13. Panayiotis Charalambos Stavrinos and Vasilis Niarchos
    Lagrange spaces of gravity and Gauge field theories, pp. 108-123 [PDF]

  14. Kostadin Trencevski
    Generalization of the Grassmann manifolds, pp. 124-132 [PDF]

  15. Grigorios Tsagas
    Special Riemannian metric on compact manifolds, pp. 133-140 [PDF]

  16. Grigorios Tsagas and T. Koukouvinos
    Classification of nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension eight, pp. 141-148 [PDF]

  17. Nicoleta Bila and Constnatin Udriste
    Infinitesimal symmetries of Camassa-Holm equations, pp. 149-160 [PDF]

  18. Constantin Udriste
    Dynamics induced by second order objects, pp. 161-168 [PDF]

  19. Gabriel Pripoae
    Comparison theorems for generalized Heisenberg groups, pp. 169-174 [PDF]

  20. Cristina Pripoae and Gabriel Pripoae
    General descent algorithm on affine manifolds, pp. 175-179 [PDF]

  21. Mircea Neagu
    Solutions of inverse problems for variational calculus,pp. 180-186 [PDF]

  22. Gabriela Sebe
    Recent advances in the theory of Hecke groups and lambda-continued fractions, pp. 187-195 [PDF]

  23. Laurentia Degeratu
    On the upper bound of (U^4)f/f in Gauss' problem, pp. 196-204 [PDF]

  24. Andrei Teleman
    The Bianchi identity for weak connections, pp. 205-208 [PDF]

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