The Workshop on Global Analysis,
Differential Geometry, Lie Algebras
December 16-18, 1995, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

Geometry Balkan Press 1997
[Editor: Grigorios Tsagas]

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  1. Mihai Anastasiei and Ioan Bucataru
    A notable submersion in the higher order geometry, pp. 1-10 [PDF]

  2. Akira Asada
    Hodge operators of mapping spaces; local study, pp. 11-20 [PDF]

  3. Vladimir Balan, Gheorghe Munteanu and Panayiotis Charalambos Stavrinos
    Generalized gauge Asanov equations on Osc^2(M) bundle, pp. 21-32 [PDF]

  4. O. Calin and Stere Ianus
    A note on harmonic maps of semi-Riemannian manifolds, pp. 33-37 [PDF]

  5. Marin Marin
    Existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence in thermoelasticity by using a semigroup of operators, pp. 39-48 [PDF]

  6. Radu Miron
    The higher-order Lagrange spaces: theory of subspaces, pp. 49-56 [PDF]

  7. Gheorghe Murarescu
    Sur les connexions de Finsler projective, pp. 57-60 [PDF]

  8. Marcela Popescu
    On vectorial Finsler connections, pp. 61-64 [PDF]

  9. Marcela Popescu
    On the supplementary vector subbundles, pp. 65-70 [PDF]

  10. Paul Popescu
    A contravariant approach in (non)commutative geometry, pp. 71-74 [PDF]

  11. Mihai Postolache and Sorin Udriste
    Computer experiments for conformal dynamical systems, pp. 75-82 [PDF]

  12. Ruggero Maria Santilli
    Isotopic liftings of the Pythagorean theorem, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, pp. 83-94 [PDF]

  13. Grigorios Tsagas
    Spectra geometry for Ricci manifolds, pp. 95-108 [PDF]

  14. Constantin Udriste and Aneta Udriste
    Magnetic dynamics around electrical circuits, pp. 109-122 [PDF]

  15. Sergiu I. Vacaru
    Locally anisotropic stochastic processes in fiber bundles, pp. 123-140 [PDF]

  16. Efstathios Vassiliou
    On the geometry of the sheaf of frames of a vector sheaf, pp. 141-146 [PDF]

  17. George Vraciu
    Intégrales hellinger pour les fonctions de l'ensemble, pp. 147-150 [PDF]

  18. Philippos J. Xenos and F. Gouli - Andreou
    Some remarks on 3-dimensional contact Riemannian manifolds, pp. 151-154 [PDF]

  19. Constantinos N. Yatras
    Homomorphisms in the theory of the n-polysymmetrical hypergroups and monogene n-polysymmetrical hypergroups, pp. 155-165 [PDF]

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