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Editor-in-Chief : Constantin Udriste (Bucharest)
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan (Bucharest)

Remi Leandre (France); Akira Asada (Japan); Constantin Tarcolea, Cristian Florea, Dan Iordache,
Daniel Ioan, Gheorghe Tigan, Iulia Hirica, Marcel Roman, Marcela Popescu, Mihai Postolache,
Mihai Rebican, Paul Popescu, Serban Georgescu, Teleman Ana-Maria, Valeriu Prepelita (Romania);
Leonid Raigorodski (Russian Federation); Victor Patrangenaru (U.S.).


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BSGP is an international journal. BSGP covers a wide spectrum of pure and applied mathematics,
promoting especially papers presented at Carpato-Balkan meetings.
The Editorial Board of BSGP takes a very active role in selecting and refereeing papers,
ensuring the best quality of contemporary mathematics and its applications.

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