Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 22 (2020)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Sezin Aykurt Sepet and Hulya Gun Bozok
    Pointwise semi-slant submersion,
    pp. 1-10. [PDF]

  2. Manoj Ray Bakshi and Kanak Kanti Baishya
    Certain types of (LCS)_n-manifold and the case of the Riemannian soliton,
    pp. 11-25. [PDF]

  3. Ajit Barman and Uday Chand De
    On a type of quarter-symmetric non-metric connection on 3-dimensional quasi-Sasakian manifolds,
    pp. 26-41. [PDF]

  4. Patrick Cabau and Fernand Pelletier
    Projective and direct limits of Banach tensor structures,
    pp. 42-86. [PDF]

  5. Vinod Chandra and Shankar Lal
    On 3-dimensional Lorentzian para-Kenmotsu manifolds,
    pp. 87-94. [PDF]

  6. Franck Djideme Houenou, Carlos Ogouyandjou and Leonard Todjihounde
    Geodesic flow on Finsler manifolds of hyperbolic type,
    pp. 95-112. [PDF]

  7. Zafar Iqbal and Joydeep Sengupta
    Differential geometric aspects of lightlike f-rectifying curves in Minkowski space-time,
    pp. 113-129. [PDF]

  8. Kirandeep Kaur and Gauree Shanker
    Ricci curvature of a homogeneous Finsler space with exponential metric,
    pp. 130-140. [PDF]

  9. Najmeh Khajoei and MohammadReza Molaei
    On polynomial differential systems of degree 3 in R^2 and R^3,
    pp. 141-154. [PDF]

  10. Sangeet Kumar
    A note on SCR-lightlike warped product submanifolds of indefinite Kaehler manifolds,
    pp. 155-170. [PDF]

  11. Ashis Mondal
    Some curves on three-dimensional para-Kenmotsu manifolds,
    pp. 171-182. [PDF]

  12. G. Nibaruta, M. Karimumuryango, A. Nibirantiza and D. Ndayirukiye
    Twisted products Berwald metrics of polar type,
    pp. 183-193. [PDF]

  13. Alexander Pigazzini, Cenap Ozel and Saeid Jafari
    Curvature constrained on the base-manifold for (2,m)-Einstein warped product manifolds,
    pp. 194-201. [PDF]

  14. Ganesh Prasad Pokhariyal
    Study of P-curvature tensor and other related tensors,
    pp. 202-207. [PDF]

  15. Rishabh Ranjan, P. N. Pandey and Ajit Paul
    On a class of locally dually flat (a,b)-metric,
    pp. 208-217. [PDF]

  16. Arpan Sardar and Uday Chand De
    Ricci solitons on para-Kenmotsu manifolds,
    pp. 218-228. [PDF]

  17. Absos Ali Shaikh and Chandan Kumar Mondal
    Extension property of continuous functions in a Riemannain manifold with a pole,
    pp. 229-232. [PDF]

  18. Jay Prakash Singh and Mohan Khatri
    On almost pseudo semiconformally symmetric manifolds,
    pp. 233-253. [PDF]

  19. Amr Soleiman and Salah Gomaa Elgendi
    The geometry of Finsler spaces of H_p-scalar curvature,
    pp. 254-268. [PDF]

  20. Pushali Trikha and Lone Seth Jahanzaib
    Dynamical analysis and application of novel system,
    pp. 269-288. [PDF]

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