Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 21 (2019)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Abimbola Abolarinwa
    Basic structural equations for almost Ricci-harmonic solitons and applications,
    pp. 1-13. [PDF]

  2. Musavvir Ali and Naeem Ahmad Pundeer
    Semiconformal curvature tensor and Spacetime of General Relativity,
    pp. 14-22. [PDF]

  3. Gulhan Ayar and Sudhakar Kumar Chaubey
    M-projective curvature tensor over cosymplectic manifolds,
    pp. 23-33. [PDF]

  4. Ecem Bektas and Fusun Ozen Zengin
    Almost pseudo Ricci symmetric spacetimes,
    pp. 34-46. [PDF]

  5. Maria-Liliana Bucur
    Dynamical processes. Stability and chaos,
    pp. 47-51. [PDF]

  6. Betul Bulca and Kadri Arslan
    Generalized Aminov surfaces given by a Monge patch in the Euclidean four space,
    pp. 52-62. [PDF]

  7. Serhan Eker and Nedim Degirmenci
    Seiberg-Witten-like equations on 6-manifolds without self-duality,
    pp. 63-74. [PDF]

  8. Yang Liu
    On the representation formula of Holmes-Thompson areas,
    pp. 75-96. [PDF]

  9. Kumbar Yallappa Mallikarjun and Senajji Kampalappa Narasimhamurthy
    Finsler Spaces and their applications to Field Theory,
    pp. 97-104. [PDF]

  10. Apepe Jugendene Nguengue Louvouandou, Olivier Mabiala Mikanou and Basile Guy Richard Bossoto
    Prolongation of Jacobi 2-form on Weil bundles,
    pp. 105-122. [PDF]

  11. Laurian-Ioan Piscoran, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra and Siraj Uddin
    A new class of Finsler-metrics and its geometry,
    pp. 123-149. [PDF]

  12. Marcela Popescu and Paul Popescu
    Noether invariants, nonholonomic systems and nonlinear constraints,
    pp. 150-159. [PDF]

  13. Akbar Sadighi, Reza Chavosh Khatamy and Megerdich Toomanian
    On the Riemann curvature on the product of two spheres,
    pp. 160-166. [PDF]

  14. Absos Ali Shaikh, Lovejoy Das, Haradhan Kundu and Dhyanesh Chakraborty
    Curvature properties of Siklos metric,
    pp. 167-180. [PDF]

  15. Theoharis Theofanidis
    Real hypersurfaces of non-flat complex planes with generalized xi-parallel Jacobi structure operator,
    pp. 181-192. [PDF]

  16. Bankteshwar Tiwari, Ghanashyam Kumar Prajapati and Ranadip Gangopadhyay
    On Finsler spaces with rational spray coefficients,
    pp. 193-201. [PDF]

  17. Sunil Kumar Yadav and Hakan Ozturk
    On epsilon-almost paracontact metric manifolds with conformal eta-Ricci solitons,
    pp. 202-215. [PDF]

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