Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 18 (2016)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Uday Chand De, Srimayee Samui
    The structure of some classes of (kappa,mu)-contact space forms,
    Pp. 1-13. [PDF]

  2. Serena Donisi, Horst Martini, Giovanni Vincenzi, Gaetano Vitale
    Polygons derived from polygons via iterated constructions,
    Pp. 14-31. [PDF]

  3. Murat Iscan
    Almost Hermitian, almost Kaehler structures on neutral 4-manifolds,
    Pp. 32-42. [PDF]

  4. Manoj Karki, Gerard Thompson
    Four-dimensional Einstein Lie groups,
    Pp. 43-57. [PDF]

  5. Sungwook Lee
    Minimal timelike surfaces in a certain homogeneous Lorentzian 3-manifold (II),
    Pp. 58-71. [PDF]

  6. Behzad Najafi, Samaneh Saberali
    On a class of isotropic mean Landsberg metrics,
    Pp. 72-80. [PDF]

  7. Rafik Nasri, Djelloul Djebbouri, Mustapha Djaa
    Non-diagonal metric on a product Riemannian manifold,
    Pp. 81-101. [PDF]

  8. Nulifer Ozdemir, Sirin Aktay, Mehmet Solgun
    Almost Hermitian structures on the products of two almost contact metric manifolds,
    Pp. 102-109. [PDF]

  9. Nevena Pusic
    On curvature-type invariants in hyperbolic Kaehler spaces (II),
    Pp. 110-122. [PDF]

  10. Mallannara Siddalingappa Siddesha, Channabasappa Shanthappa Bagewadi
    On slant submanifolds of (k,mu)-contact manifolds,
    Pp. 123-131. [PDF]

  11. Marta Teofilova, Georgi Zlatanov
    Special odd-dimensional spaces with a symmetric affine connection,
    Pp. 132-138. [PDF]

  12. Bankteshwar Tiwari, Ghanashyam Prajapati
    On Einstein Kropina change of m-th root Finsler metrics,
    Pp. 139-146. [PDF]

  13. Siraj Uddin, Akram Ali, Najwa Al-Asmari, Wan Ainun Othman
    Warped product pseudo-slant submanifolds in a locally product Riemannian manifold,
    Pp. 147-158. [PDF]

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