Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 16 (2014)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ricardo Almeida, Vitor Neves and Keith Stroyan
    Infinitesimal differential geometry: cusps and envelopes,
    Pp. 1-13. [PDF]

  2. Meirav Amram, Rebecca Lehman, Robert Shwartz, Mina Teicher
    Algebraic invariants in classification of 6-points in degenerations of surfaces,
    Pp. 14-49. [PDF]

  3. Sailapura Ramanjaneya Ashoka, Channabasappa Shantappa Bagewadi and Gurupadavva Ingalahalli
    A Geometry on Ricci solitons in (LCS)_n manifolds,
    Pp. 50-62. [PDF]

  4. Vladimir Balan, Victor Red'kov and Alexandru Oana
    Finsler-type structures and det-based classification of Mueller-type submanifolds,
    Pp. 63-84. [PDF]

  5. Gabriela Campean
    Connections on R-complex non-Hermitian Finsler spaces,
    Pp. 85-91. [PDF]

  6. Zhiqi Chen and Mengying Liu
    A basic algebraic proof of a theorem of Milnor,
    Pp. 92-97. [PDF]

  7. Uday Chand De and Sahanous Mallick
    m-Projective curvature tensor on N(k)-quasi-Einstein manifolds,
    pp. 98-112. [PDF]

  8. Luigia Di Terlizzi, Jerzy Julian Konderak and Ignazio Lacirasella
    On differentable functions over Lorentz numbers and their geometric applications,
    Pp. 113-139. [PDF]

  9. Hiroshi Endo and Shigeo Fueki
    On the flag curvatures on projectivized tangent bundles deduced from contact metric structures,
    Pp. 140-155. [PDF]

  10. Mehmet Gulbahar, Erol Kilic, Sadik Keles and Mukut Mani Tripathi
    Some basic inequalities for submanifolds of nearly quasi-constant curvature manifolds,
    Pp. 156-167. [PDF]

  11. Viqar Azam Khan and Kamran Khan
    Semi-slant warped product submanifolds of a nearly Kaehler manifold,
    Pp. 168-182. [PDF]

  12. Yun Kyong Kim and Dong Ho Lim
    Characterizations of real hypersurfaces with structure Lie operator in a nonflat complex space form,
    Pp. 183-188. [PDF]

  13. Mayuko Kon
    3-dimensional real hypersurfaces and Ricci operator,
    Pp. 189-202. [PDF]

  14. Sungwook Lee and Kinsey Zarske
    Surfaces of revolution with constant mean curvature in hyperbolic 3-space,
    Pp. 203-218. [PDF]

  15. Mircea Neagu and Hengameh Raeisi Dehkordi
    Jet multi-time KCC-invariants for some remarkable PDE systems,
    Pp. 219-226. [PDF]

  16. Mustafa Ozkan
    Prolongations of golden structures to tangent bundles,
    Pp. 227-238. [PDF]

  17. Ali Suri and Patrick Cabau
    Geometric structure for the tangent bundle of direct limit manifolds,
    Pp. 239-247. [PDF]

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