Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 15 (2013)

Electronic Edition - PDF files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Mansour Aghasi and Mehri Nasehi
    Some geometrical properties of a five-dimensional solvable Lie group,
    Pp. 1-12. [PDF]

  2. Esmaeil Azizpour and Reihaneh Bahrami Ziabari
    Dynamical connections on graded jet bundles,
    Pp. 13-25. [PDF]

  3. Ali Barani
    Generalized monotonicity and convexity for locally Lipschitz functions on Hadamard manifolds,
    Pp. 26-37. [PDF]

  4. Valentin Gabriel Cristea
    Vectors and jet prolongations of projectable planar-characteristic vector fields,
    Pp. 38-42. [PDF]

  5. Hiroshi Endo and Shigeo Fueki
    On the K-contact structure induced by a certain Riemannian metric deduced from projectivized tangent bundles,
    Pp. 43-53. [PDF]

  6. Mitul Islam, Bipul Islam, Nurul Islam and H. P. Mazumder
    Construction of bidirectionally coupled systems using generalized synchronization method,
    Pp. 54-61. [PDF]

  7. Ali Mahdipour--Shirayeh
    Differential invariants of curves in Galilean geometry,
    Pp. 62-70. [PDF]

  8. Laurian-Ioan Piscoran and Catalin Ionel Barbu
    A new hyperbolic metric,
    Pp. 71-78. [PDF]

  9. Gauree Shanker
    On the conformal change of five-dimensional Finsler spaces,
    Pp. 79-92. [PDF]

  10. Mohammad Hossein Tavassoli, Abbas Tavassoli and Mohammad Reza Ostad Rahimi
    The geometric and physical interpretation of fractional order derivatives of polynomial functions,
    Pp. 93-104. [PDF]

  11. Theoharis Theofanidis
    Pseudo d-parallel Jacobi structure operators in non-flat complex planes,
    Pp. 105-121. [PDF]

  12. Violeta Zalutchi
    Local structures on affine bundles over holomorphic tangent bundle,
    Pp. 122-129. [PDF]

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