Differential Geometry - Dynamical Systems

ISSN 1454-511X
Volume 4 (2002), No. 1
Electronic Edition - PDF (zipped files)
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Giuseppe Caristi and Massimiliano Ferrara
    On a Class of Almost Cosymplectic Manifolds
    Pp. 1-4, M.S.C. 2000: 53C25

  2. Dragos Cioroboiu
    Scalar Curvature of C-totally Real Submanifolds in Sasakian Space Forms
    Pp. 15-11, M.S.C. 2000: 53C25

  3. Stefan Mititelu
    Mond-Weir Duality: Unity and a Converse Duality Theorem for Vector Programs

    Pp. 12-20, M.S.C. 2000: 90C30

  4. Cihan Ozgur
    Contact Metric Manifolds with Cyclic-Parallel Ricci Tensor
    Pp. 21-25, M.S.C. 2000: 53C05, 53C20, 53C21, 53C25

  5. Cihan Ozgur, Kadri Arslan and Cengizhan Murathan
    Surfaces Satisfying Certain Curvature Conditions in the Euclidean Spaces
    Pp. 26-32, M.S.C. 2000: 53B20, 53C40

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