Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 20 (2018)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Mohammed Cherif Bahi, Salah Boulaaras, Mohamed Haiour and Abderrahman Zarai
    The maximum norm analysis of a nonmatching grids method for a class of parabolic equation with linear source terms,
    pp. 1-17. [PDF]

  2. Mouhssin Bayoud, Khaled Zennir and Hocine Sissaoui
    Transmission problem with 1-D mixed type in thermoelasticity and infinite memory,
    pp. 18-35. [PDF]

  3. Abderafik Benrabah
    Quasi-boundary value method for an ill-posed problem for the homogeneous biharmonic equation,

    pp: 36-53.[PDF]

  4. Simon Davis
    The coset space of the Unified Field Theory,
    pp. 54-101. [PDF]

  5. Birol Gunduz, Hemen Dutta and Adem Kilicman
    Fixed point of nonself total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces,
    pp. 102-116. [PDF]

  6. Bilel Mairi, Rafik Guefaifia, Salah Boulaaras and Tahar Bouali
    Existence of positive solutions for a new class of nonlocal p(x)-Kirchhoff elliptic systems via sub-super solutions concept,
    pp. 117-128. [PDF]

  7. Majid Mirmiran
    Insertion of a contra-continuous function between two comparable contra-precontinuous real-valued functions,
    pp. 129-138. [PDF]

  8. Mehdi Nadjafikhah and Saeed Dodangeh
    Symmetry group classification for generalized reaction-diffusion-convection equation,
    pp. 139-147. [PDF]

  9. Elena Ovsiyuk, Olga Veko, Yanina Voynova, Viktor Red'kov, Vasiliy Kisel and Vladimir Balan
    Spin 1/2 particle with two masses in magnetic field,
    pp. 148-166. [PDF]

  10. Muzafer Saracevic, Sead Masovic, Predrag Stanimirovic and Predrag Krtolica
    Method for finding and storing optimal triangulations based on square matrix,
    pp. 167-180. [PDF]

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