Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 19 (2017)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Timur Ayhan and Omer Acan
    Global existence and boundedness of solutions for a type of nonlinear integro-differential equations of third order,
    Pp. 1-11. [PDF]

  2. Trandafir T. Balan
    Unification by structural discreteness,
    Pp. 12-21. [PDF]

  3. Salah Boulaaras, Mohammed Cherif Bahi, Mohammad Alnegga and Abderrahman Zarai
    A posteriori error estimates for generalized Schwarz method for HJB equation related to management of energy production with mixed boundary condition,
    Pp. 22-30. [PDF]

  4. Aurel Diamandescu
    On the Psi-boundedness of the solutions of a nonlinear Lyapunov matrix differential equation,
    Pp. 31-40. [PDF]

  5. Bruno Felice Filippo Flora
    A theorem on the auxiliary zeta function,
    Pp. 41-63. [PDF]

  6. Luminita Grecu
    A numerical solution based on vortex distribution and quadratic boundary elements for the problem of the compressible fluid flow around obstacles,
    Pp. 64-75. [PDF]

  7. Mario Lefebvre
    Estimating the probability of exceeding a given river flow threshold,
    Pp. 76-83. [PDF]

  8. Bogdan Gheorghe Munteanu
    Max and Min Poisson-Lomax power series distributions,
    Pp. 84-92. [PDF]

  9. Gelu Pasa
    On the displacement of two immiscible Stokes fluids in a 3D Hele-Shaw cell,
    Pp. 93-102. [PDF]

  10. Higinio Ramos
    Efficient formulas for the exact integration of products of polynomials, exponentials and trigonometric functions,
    Pp. 103-109. [PDF]

  11. Utkum Sanli, Ismail Naci Cangul
    A new method for calculating the chromatic polynomial,
    Pp. 110-121. [PDF]

  12. Yusuf Sofuoglu
    Ordinary and fractional mathematical models on language competition and bilingualism,
    Pp. 122-131. [PDF]

  13. Serban E. Vlad
    Boolean functions: time-reversal symmetry and the generalized technical condition of proper operation,
    Pp. 132-141. [PDF]

  14. Muhammad Zulfiqar and Muhammad Shabir
    On the properties of certain fuzzy sub-implicative ideals in BCI-algebras,
    Pp. 142-156. [PDF]

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