Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 18 (2016)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Abderafik Benrabah, Nadjib Boussetila, Faouzia Rebbani
    Regularization of an abstract ill-posed Cauchy Problem via general quasi-reversibility method,
    Pp. 1-17. [PDF]

  2. Braj Bhushan Chaturvedi, Brijesh Kumar Gupta
    Some investigations on a cosmological model,
    Pp. 18-29. [PDF]

  3. Francesco Farsaci, Patrizia Rogolino
    A special relativistic approach of non equilibrium thermodynamics with internal variables,
    Pp. 30-42. [PDF]

  4. Shigeo Fueki, Hiroshi Endo
    On an eta-Einstein (k,mu)-contact metric manifold,
    Pp. 43-49. [PDF]

  5. Subramanian Pacet Kaleeswari, Bothiah Selvaraj
    On the oscillation of certain odd order nonlinear neutral difference equations,
    Pp. 50-59. [PDF]

  6. Lahcene Ladjelat
    On the action of the symmetric group on error-correcting codes,
    Pp. 60-65. [PDF]

  7. Alejandro Meson, Fernando Vericat
    On L^1 convergence of barycentric sequences of empirical measures,
    Pp. 66-73. [PDF]

  8. Florian Munteanu, Romulus Militaru
    A numerical study of the Hamilton-Poisson structures of the SIR-model of epidemics evolution,
    Pp. 74-83. [PDF]

  9. Elena Ovsiyuk, Anastasia Red'ko, Vladimir Balan, Victor Red'kov
    The Dirac equation in parabolic cylindric coordinates, possible effects of the spinor structures in quantum physics,
    Pp. 84-108. [PDF]

  10. Bothiah Selvaraj, Murugasamy Raju
    Oscillatory solutions to a certain third order difference equation,
    Pp. 108-112. [PDF]

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