Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 16 (2014)

Electronic Edition - [PDF] files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Vincenzo Ciancio
    A relativistic viscoanelastic model,
    Pp. 1-10. [PDF]

  2. Aleksandr Galmak, Genady Vorobiev and Vladimir Balan
    On Post-Gluskin-Hosszu Theorem,
    Pp. 11-22. [PDF]

  3. Murat Iscan
    Some notes concerning Norden-Walker 8-manifolds,
    Pp. 23-31. [PDF]

  4. Joseph Salomon Mbatakou and Leonard Todjihounde
    Conformal change of Finsler-Ehresmann connections,
    Pp. 32-47. [PDF]

  5. Janina Mihaela Mihaila, Cristin Bigan and Valentin Panduru
    Mathematical modelling of noise mapping at wind turbine farms,
    Pp. 48-55. [PDF]

  6. Bacem Ben Nasser, Khaled Boukerrioua and Mohamed Ali Hammami
    On the stability of perturbed time scale systems using integral inequalities,
    Pp. 56-71. [PDF]

  7. Mircea Neagu, Olivia Florea, Olga Veko, Elena Ovsiyuk and Viktor Red'kov
    From quantum dynamics of spin 1 particle in Coulomb field to jet geometric-physical objects,
    Pp. 72-98. [PDF]

  8. Octav Olteanu
    Approximation on unbounded subsets and the moment problem,
    Pp. 99-107. [PDF]

  9. Muhammad Zulfiqar
    Some properties of (alpha,beta)-fuzzy fantastic ideals in BCH-algebras,
    Pp. 108-123. [PDF]

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