Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 14 (2012)

Electronic Edition - [PDF] files
Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Santa Agreste, David Carfi and Angela Ricciardello
    An algorithm for payoff space in C^1 parametric games,
    Pp. 1-14. [PDF]

  2. Aisha Ahmed Amer and Maslina Darus
    On the univalence preserving integral operator,
    Pp. 15-25. [PDF]

  3. Tania-Luminita Costache and Mariana Zamfir
    A note on Morita equivalence of twisted crossed products,
    Pp. 26-36. [PDF]

  4. Neda Ebrahimi
    Left invariant vector fields of a class of top spaces,
    Pp. 37-44. [PDF]

  5. Khaireddine Fernane, Mohamed Dalah and Abdelhamid Ayadi
    Existence and uniqueness solution of a quasistatic electro-elastic antiplane contact problem with Tresca friction law,
    Pp. 45-59. [PDF]

  6. Aleksandr Galmak, Ghenady Vorobiev and Vladimir Balan
    On the properties of Cartesian powers of coset groups and polyadic groups of matrices,
    Pp. 60-73. [PDF]

  7. Rabha Waell Ibrahim
    Existence of fractional parametric Cauchy problem,
    Pp. 74-81. [PDF]

  8. Keiko Uohashi
    Harmonic maps relative to alpha-connections on statistical manifolds,
    Pp. 82-88. [PDF]

  9. Mariana Zamfir and Ioan Bacalu
    On the local spectral properties of operator systems in Banach spaces,
    Pp. 89-97. [PDF]

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