Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 13 (2011)

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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. I. Bacalu and M. Zamfir
    Quasi-nilpotent equivalence of S-decomposable and S-spectral systems,
    Pp. 1-8. [PDF]

  2. David Carfi, Karin Cvetko-Vah
    Skew lattice structures on the financial events plane,
    Pp. 9-20. [PDF]

  3. Vincenzo Ciancio, Franceso Farsaci
    Relativistic elastic tensor,
    Pp. 21-29. [PDF]

  4. Tania-Luminita Costache, Mariana Zamfir, Mircea Olteanu
    On projective regular representations of discrete groups and their infinite tensor products,
    Pp. 30-35. [PDF]

  5. Massimiliano Ferrara
    A note on the Solow economic growth model with Richards population growth law,
    Pp. 36-39. [PDF]

  6. A.M. Gal'mak, V. Balan, G.N. Vorobiev, I.R. Nicola
    On n-ary operations and their applications,
    Pp. 40-64. [PDF]

  7. N. Islam, B. Islam, H. P. Mazumdar and J. Lahiri
    Application of the Lie groups of transformations for an approximate solution of MHD flow of a visco-elastic second grade fluid,
    Pp. 65-73. [PDF]

  8. Mihaela Mihai and Irina Meghea
    Box Jenkins methodology applied to the environmental monitoring data,
    pp. 74-81. [PDF]

  9. Mircea Neagu
    A relativistic approach on 1-jet spaces of the rheonomic Berwald-Moor metric,
    Pp. 82-96. [PDF]

  10. Absos Ali Shaikh, Shyamal Kumar Hui
    Some global properties of pseudo-cyclic Ricci symmetric manifolds,
    Pp. 97-101. [PDF]

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