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ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 9 (2007)
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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Ricardo Almeida
    On the continuity of functions
    Pp. 1-4, 2000 AMS Classification: 26E35, 52A41, 26B05, 54C05, 54J05.

  2. Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi and Delfim Torres
    Existence and regularity of optimal solution for a dead oil isotherm problem
    Pp. 5-12, 2000 AMS Classification: 49J20, 35K55.

  3. Virginia Atanasiu
    An effect of inflation illustrated by introducing a regression technique
    Pp. 13-21, 2000 AMS Classification: 62P05, 62J12, 62J05.

  4. Giancarlo Barbiroli, Arsen Palestini and Daniele Ritelli
    Dynamical analysis of a demand governed market
    Pp. 22-32, 2000 AMS Classification: 34C05, 34C07, 91B42.

  5. Yacine Benhadid
    Solutions to Maxwell equations for an electromagnetic beam injected into a plasma
    Pp. 33-47, 2000 AMS Classification: 65M06, 65M50, 65Z05, 78M25.

  6. David Carfi
    S-Linear Algebra in Economics and Physics
    Pp. 48-66, 2000 AMS Classification: 46F10, 46F99, 47A05, 47N50, 81Q99.

  7. Harun Baris Colakoglu - Rustem Kaya
    A synthetic approach to the taxicab circles
    Pp. 67-77, 2000 AMS Classification: 51K05, 51K99.

  8. Nnabuk Okon Eddy
    Applied statistics in designing special organic mixtures
    Pp. 78-85, 2000 AMS Classification: 92-xx, 92F05.

  9. 9. Mabrouk El-Ghoul, Abdelaziz El-Ahmady and Mohammed Abu-Saleem
    Folding on the Cartesian product of manifolds and their fundamental group
    Pp. 86-91, 2000 AMS Classification: 51H20, 57N10, 57M05, 14F35, 20F34.

  10. Clara Germana and Luca Guerrini
    More on nonconvexities in an optimal growth model
    Pp. 92-101, 2000 AMS Classification: 49Q99, 91B62.

  11. B.J.Gireesha, C.S.Bagewadi and P.Venkatesh
    Unsteady flow of a conducting dusty fluid between two parallel plates
    Pp. 102-108, 2000 AMS Classification: 76T10, 76T15.

  12. Maria Letizia Guerra and Laerte Sorini
    Variance reduction in a stochastic volatility scenario
    Pp. 109-120, 2000 AMS Classification: 65C05.

  13. Anwar Mirza and Shaukat Iqbal
    Finite element investigations for the construction of composite solutions of even-parity transport equation
    Pp. 121-140, 2000 AMS Classification: 80M10, 82D75, 80M30, 35R05.

  14. Lemnouar Noui
    A note on consecutive ones in a binary matrix
    Pp. 141-147, 2000 AMS Classification: 65F50, 05A05, 11H50, 11H71.

  15. Ghulam Shabbir and Muhammad Ramzan
    Classification of cylindrically symmetric static space-times according to their proper homothetic vector fields
    Pp. 148-154, 2000 AMS Classification: 83C15, 83C20.

  16. Varadachari Sridharan
    Availability analysis of series systems with cold standby components and general repair time
    Pp. 155-162, 2000 AMS Classification: 90B25; 60K10.

  17. Moulay Hicham Tber
    On a seawater intrusion problem
    Pp. 163-173, 2000 AMS Classification: 76S05, 35J65, 35J70, 35D05, 35D10.

  18. Gheorghe Tigan
    Stabilizing the chaotic dynamics of the Lu system
    Pp. 174-180, 2000 AMS Classification: 93C10, 93B52.

  19. Murat Tosun, Soley Ersoy, Mehmet Ali Gungor
    On the Blaschke invariants of generalized time-like ruled surfaces
    Pp. 181-193, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C40, 53C50.

  20. Zhenning Zhang, Huafei Sun and Fengwei Zhong
    Information geometry of the power inverse Gaussian distribution
    Pp. 194-203, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C15, 62B10.

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