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ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 8 (2006), No. 1
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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Saeid Abbasbandy and Reza Ezzati
    Homotopy method for solving fuzzy nonlinear equations
    Pp. 1-7, 2000 AMS Classification: 34A12, 65L05.

  2. Nadezhda Adamenko and Igor Velichko
    The investigation of some topologies on finite sets
    Pp. 8-12, 2000 AMS Classification: 54A10.

  3. Goksal Agargun and Bayram Ali Ersoy
    Fuzzy Euclidean ideals
    Pp. 13-22, 2000 AMS Classification: 08A72, 13A15.

  4. Attia Awadalla
    Electronic properties of superconductor-semiconductor mesoscopic device
    Pp. 23-30, 2000 AMS Classification: 82D55, 74K30, 74F05, 82D99.

  5. Abdelmounim Belahmidi
    Information denoising and quantization by diffusion reaction model
    Pp. 31-39, 2000 AMS Classification: 35K55, 35K57, 65C20, 65M12, 94A12.

  6. Messaoud Bounkhel
    On minimizing the norm of linear maps in C_p - classes
    Pp. 40-47, 2000 AMS Classification: 47B47, 47A30, 47B20, 47B10.

  7. Catalin Ciupala
    Hochschild and cyclic homology of \rho-algebras
    Pp. 48-54, 2000 AMS Classification: 13D03, 55N35, 13N15.

  8. Hristu Culetu
    On the Hawking wormhole horizon entropy
    Pp. 55-59, 2000 AMS Classification: 54A10, 57R55, 81V22, 83F05, 83C05.

  9. Nnabuk Okon Eddy and Itoro Jonah Ukpong
    Possible relationship existing in the distribution of electrolyte between the soap and the lye
    Pp. 60-64, 2000 AMS Classification: 92-xx, 92F05.

  10. Ozcan Gelisgen, Rustem Kaya
    On \alpha-distance in three dimensional space
    Pp. 65-69, 2000 AMS Classification: 51K05, 51K99.

  11. Aysegul Gokhan, Mehmet Gungor and Yunus Bulut
    On the strong lacunary convergence and strong Cesaro summability of sequences of real-valued functions
    Pp. 70-77, 2000 AMS Classification: 40A05, 40C05, 46A45, 60B10, 60F05.

  12. Luca Guerrini
    An improved economic growth model with endogenous fertility
    Pp. 78-84, 2000 AMS Classification: 91B62.

  13. 13. Ibrahim Gunaltili, Ziya Akca and Sukru Olgun
    On finite circular spaces
    Pp. 85-90, 2000 AMS Classification: 51Exx, 51D20, 51B10.

  14. Dan-Alexandru Iordache and Stefan Pusca
    Some elements of Dynamic Geometry and optimization in Physics
    Pp. 91-100, 2000 AMS Classification: 51P05, 83C05, 92C05.

  15. Ismail Kocayusufoglu and Tuba Ada
    On the Iso-Taxicab Trigonometry
    Pp. 101-111, 2000 AMS Classification: 51F05, 51F99, 51K05.

  16. Eberhard Malkowsky
    FK Spaces, their duals and the visualisation of neighbourhoods
    Pp. 112-127, 2000 AMS Classification: 53A05,68N05; 40H05,46A05.

  17. Mohammad Reza Molaei and Mohammad Reza Farhangdoost
    Upper top spaces
    Pp. 128-131, 2000 AMS Classification: 22A15.

  18. Valer Niminet
    Mechanical Lagrangian systems with external forces
    Pp. 132-137, 2000 AMS Classification: 70G45, 53C60.

  19. Cihan Ozgur
    On a class of generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds
    Pp. 138-141, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C25.

  20. Abdolrahman Razani and Saeid Abbasbandy
    A fixed point theorem on the fuzzy number space
    Pp. 142-145, 2000 AMS Classification: 47H10, 54E45, 54E50.

  21. Jafar Sadeghi, Ali Reza Amani and Ahmad Pourdarvish
    Generating functions and special functions
    Pp. 146-152, 2000 AMS Classification: 26C05, 12D05.

  22. Ghulam Shabbir and Khuda Bux Amur
    Proper homothetic vector fields in Bianchi Type-I Space-Time
    Pp. 153-157, 2000 AMS Classification: 83C15, 83C20.

  23. Adela-Luciana Sirbu
    About some Riemann surfaces and plane tilings
    Pp. 158-166, 2000 AMS Classification: 52C20, 52C23, 14H55, O3C90.

  24. Varadachari Sridharan
    Availabilty and MTTF of a system with one warm standby component
    Pp. 167-171, 2000 AMS Classification: 90B25; 60K10.

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