Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 5 (2003), No. 1
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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1.  Handan Balgetir, Mehmet Bektas and Mahmut Ergut
    Null scrolls in the 3-dimensional Lorentzian space
    Pp. 1-5, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C40
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  2. Christopher Terence John Dodson and Hiroshi Matsuzoe
    An affine embedding of the gamma manifold
    Pp. 7-12, 2000 AMS Classification: 60D05, 53A15; 53A05, 53B05
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  3. Massimiliano Ferrara
    Some properties of distinguished vector fields on Riemannian manifolds
    Pp. 13-16, 2000 AMS Classification: 28A10, 41A20
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  4. Massimiliano Ferrara and Davide La Torre
    On the optimal target of a macroeconomic growth model
    Pp. 17-26, 2000 AMS Classification: 37N40, 91B62, 91B64
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  5. Ibrahim Gunaltili and Pinar Anapa
    A Note on Pappus Theorem
    Pp. 27-31, 2000 AMS Classification: 51E20, 51A45, 05B25
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  6. Abdullah Hishyar and Khalil Al Dosary
    The oscillation of linear first order differential systems
    Pp. 33-39, 2000 AMS Classification: 34A30, 34C10
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  7. Tadeusz Konik
    Some cases of compatibility of the tangency relations of sets
    Pp. 41-47, 2000 AMS Classification: 53A99
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  8. Aytac Kurtulus and Sukru Olgun
    K-arcs in finite Benz planes
    Pp. 49-54, 2000 AMS Classification: 51A05, 51E20, 51E21
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  9. Hiroshi Matsuzoe and Jun-ichi Inoguchi
    Statistical structures on tangent bundles
    Pp. 55-75, 2000 AMS Classification: 53B05, 53B30, 53A15
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  10. Ismail Sakmar
    Sum of powers from hyper-pyramids
    Pp. 77-85, 2000 AMS Classification: 40, 51
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