Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 4 (2002), No. 1
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Managing Editor: Vladimir Balan

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  1. Hiroshi Endo
    An example of Lie group with sasakian structure of constant Phi-sectional curvature
    Pp. 1-4, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C25
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  2.  Esen Iyigun
    A note on (n-r)-curvature planes
    Pp. 5-10, 2000 AMS Classification: 53C40
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  3. Ganesh Pokhariyal
    Crop development model
    Pp. 11-16, 2000 AMS Classification: 34A99
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  4. Ismail Sakmar
    An unusual way to generate conic sections. Related Euclidean constructions
    Pp. 17-28, 2000 AMS Classification: 51A99
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  5. Gabriela Ileana Sebe
    Some asymptotic results on extended sequences connected with the regular continued fraction
    Pp. 29-41, 2000 AMS Classification: 11K50, 60J10, 60G10
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