Applied Sciences 

ISSN 1454-5101
Volume 1 (1999), No. 1
Electronic Edition
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  1. Oltin Dogaru and Ionel Tevy
    Extrema constrained by a family of curves

    Pp. 1-11, AMS Classification: 49K99,

  2. Constantin Udriste, Vladimir Balan and Aneta Udriste
    Magnetic fields generated by piecewise rectilinear configurations

    Pp. 12-39, AMS Classification: 53B50,

  3. Constantin Udriste, Mihai Postolache and Andrei Soeanu
    Computer simulation of magnetic phase portraits and geometric dynamics

    around piecewise rectilinear circuits
    Pp. 40-49, AMS Classification: 34A50, 58F25, 65L06,

  4.  Cristian Dumitrescu
    Approximation des lignes magnetiques utilisant la transformation Lie
    Pp. 50-59, AMS Classification: 78A25, 65L99,

  5. Constantin Udriste, N.Bila,
    Symmetry Lie group of the Monge-Ampere equation
    Pp. 60-73, AMS Classification: 58G35, 35A30,

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