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  1. Marcel R. ROMAN,
    Higher Order Lagrange Spaces. Applications (in Romanian),
    Ph.D. Thesis, Geometry Balkan Press, 2002.
    Electronic version:    ZIP archives   DVIPSPDF.

  2. Angela PASARESCU,
    Nonstandard Algebraic Methods in the Study of Analytic Spaces
    (in Romanian), Ph.D. Thesis, Geometry Balkan Press, 2003.
    Electronic version:    ZIP archives  PSPDF.

  3. Meskine DRISS,
    Etude de certains problemes fortement non lineaires et application aux inequations via une methode de penalisation
    (in French),
    Ph.D. Thesis, Geometry Balkan Press, 2004.
    Electronic version:    ZIP archives   DVIPSPDF.

  4. Constantin UDRISTE and Vladimir BALAN,
    Linear Algebra and Analysis
    (in English),
    Geometry Balkan Press, 2005.
    Electronic version:   PDF.

  5. Muhammad Raheel MOHYUDDIN,
    On solutions of non-linear equations arising in Rivlin-Ericksen fluids

    [Ph.D. Thesis, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan 2005]
    Geometry Balkan Press, 2007.
    Electronic version:  PDF.

  6. Moulay Rchid SIDI AMMI,
    Mathematical study of several nonlinear problems from Physics
    and Industry
    [Etude mathematique de quelques problemes non lineaires
    issus de la physique et de l'industrie]
    (in French),
    Geometry Balkan Press, 2007.
    Electronic version:  PDF.

  7. Radouane YAFIA,
    Contributions to the study of Hopf bifurcation for differential equations with delay. Applications to a population dynamics problem
    [Contribution a l'Etude de la Bifurcation de Hopf dans le Cadre des Equations Differentielles a Retard; Application a un Probleme en Dynamique de Population]
    (in French),
    Geometry Balkan Press, 2008.
    Electronic version:  PDF.

  8. Lahsen AHAROUCH,
    Nonlinear elliptic problems within the non-variational framework

    [Ph.D. Thesis, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Morroco 2005]
    Geometry Balkan Press, 2009.
    Electronic version:  PDF.

  9. David CARFI and Angela RICCIARDELLO,
    Topics in game theory

    Geometry Balkan Press, 2012.
    Electronic version:  PDF.

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