General note

The journal is freely accessible and there are no restrictions on making printed copies of the journal papers and/or abstracts for private use.

Ordering printed volumes 
and complete electronic copies

Balkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan Press

1. Complete printed volumes in soft-bound format. The price for the printed version of
one volume is: 100 USD for institutions and 60 USD for individuals, handling included.
The volumes are printed in soft-cover version suitable for individuals to use and for libraries to display and eventually bind in hard covers.

2. Printed copies of the papers in APPS, for 15 USD/paper.

3. The volumes of APPS in printable format are available at the price of 200 USD.

Orders should be sent to:

Prof.Dr. Constantin Udriste,
Balkan Society of Geometers, Department Mathematics I 
University Politehnica of Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 313 
RO-060042 Bucharest, Romania 


Cheques/orders should be made payable to The Balkan Society of Geometers, and mailed to the address above.

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