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Examene pentru pozitii de asistent DD [2023]

Admission Exams to the Master Program SDOMEF (2-year studies)
Admission Exams to the Licence Program (4-year studies)

Elections for Director of Department Mathematics-Informatics (2020-2024):
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- Candidate: Prof.dr.habil. Mihai Postolache * Data
- Elected Director: Prof.dr.habil. Mihai Postolache / 24 February 2020.

<<< The XVII-th International Conference of Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems ( DGDS-2023 ) >>>
=== Due to technical circumstances, the 2023 edition of the DGDS International Conference will not take place ===

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Other scientific events:
The Tenth Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, June 30 - July 5, 2023; Pitesti, Romania
Pure and Applied Differential Geometry - PADGE, July 10-14, 2023; KU Leuven, Belgium
4-th International Workshop "Differential Geometric Structures and Applications", May 11-13, 2023; University of Haifa, Israel, Haifa

Balkan Society of Geometers - Scientific Journals

With deep regret, the members of the Balkan Society of Geometers express their condolences for the sudden death of
Professor Emeritus Constantin UDRISTE,
the President of the Balkan Society of Geometers, and Editor in Chief of its journals BJGA, DGDS, APPS and BSGP.
He was an internationally outstanding Romanian Mathematician, Professor at the Faculty of Applied Sciences - University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Memento - Professor Constantin Udriste

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